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An effective thermal break combats condensation and mold growth

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Preventing heat loss from dwellings as a result of thermal bridges at balconies and other cantilever connections is an important design consideration. However, it is the effect of condensation and mould growth on occupants that is currently very much in the spotlight. To help eliminate this, the use of an effective thermal break module can be critical.

Cantilever balcony connections and other similar construction elements with a high thermal conductivity, and which project through the building envelope breaking the insulation layer in the process, are prime causes of thermal bridges. One of the consequences of this is local heat loss, resulting in more energy being required to maintain the internal temperature of the building. However, while this remains a very important aspect of thermal bridging, there is a more serious issue as far as building occupants are concerned.


(Thermographic showing heat loss from balconies)

Low internal surface temperatures in theā€¦

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